Learning to Make Online Games

Game development has become a top paying field around the world.  Since the early eighties, men and women have been interested in creating games for a market that would only expand generation after generation.  There are essentially three types of game development.  There is the rather lucrative field of PC game development, the ever growing field of app and mobile applications gaming and the third type is casino gaming for online.

Normal Online Games

Video game development

Video game development

Normal games are considered PC, console and app development.  This field has quickly expanded to meet the quickly developing hardware market.  Devices such as the Kinect for the Xbox have created new ways to play games and the software has to keep up to take advantage of that.  The other area that has expanded and improved over the years in hardware development is the ability of processors to handle more data and produce better graphics.  Most areas of game development can now take advantage of these advancements.  Mostly 3D games have made the most improvements, as worlds created by game designers can now reach great expanses.

Making Online Casino Games

Online casino games are becoming very popular as they move more into the main stream.  One company, Zynga, has made an all out push to develop these games for use in the United States.  Online casino games in other parts of the world like UK, where online gambling is legal, have now been escalated to higher quality graphics and playability.  Also in this type of game development is live dealer UK casino games.  While these games don’t require much in actual game development, they still rely on technology that has to be interfaced by both the casinos and the end users.


online casino game development sign

The most popular games in development are slots.  Slot games, or online pokies as they are referred to in Australia, are very simple to make.  However, the real development takes place in the creation of bonus rounds for jackpot slots.  These bonus rounds can be very intricate in their design and have been widely attributed to the popularity of this type of game.

Slot games development only requires a rudimentary understanding of programing languages such as Action Script for Flash or Java.  Because the games deal with only a little bit of programming knowledge, the abundance of these games has surpassed the million marker.  The end user is aware of the glut of games on the market and are now more selective in the type of game that they play.  Slot games that offer bonus rounds and larger jackpots are big crowd pleasers, but so are the games that keep the player’s attention.  3D slots are one advancement in the field that has shown a lot of promise in new customer signups and customer retention.

Arcade casino games are also making it into the lists of most popular types of games for end users.  These games include concepts that are similar to games like Bejewled, Battleship or even Jenga.  The added excitement of playing for real money, tied to the love of these familiar games, creates a very strong bond for customers and the online casinos that offer arcade slots games.

Game development for casino games is one of the best ways to get into the field quickly and with the potential for moderate success.  Other games such as for the console or PC which are more detailed and carry plots, high quality graphics and controls, can take much longer to create and are often not real money makers until the title is sold to a publisher.

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